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TV-Show Review: Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is a crime drama television show that has been on for 12 seasons. It shows the gruesome acts of some of the most dangerous criminals in the world. The producers chose a genius format for this show because they know that CSI and NCIS are taking over TV ratings. They have created an intricate plot line and interesting characters that keep viewers coming back week after week to see what is going on with these amazing cops who solve all of these crimes. Not only are their plots intriguing, but their actors are brilliant at what they do as well, so every episode feels like you’re watching a movie rather than television. The show employs crime-based violence such as child abuse, rape, and domestic violence. It could be very triggering for many viewers who are not used to these types of things, but the show does a great job at showing how law enforcement deals with them every day. It also shows how a criminal mind works, which gives the show an intellectual appeal. This appeals greatly to the audience of this type of movie. The criminal mind is explained in an intellectual fashion that most audiences find fascinating and very interactive.

The show’s plot has always been action-packed, fast-paced and intense. The intense action serves to better the quality giving the viewers more to think about and want to see what happens next. For example, in one episode, Reid and his partner are chasing a serial killer who has kidnapped a young girl in an underground tunnel. [3] The chase ends with Reid shooting the bad guy only to find out that he had innocently been holding the girl hostage. Another way the show’s plot contributes to its success is through its storylines. The writers consistently have new ideas for plot lines that will keep the viewers interested and wanting more. One element of Criminal Minds that I particularly like is the creativity of the writers. They consistently put different elements into their storylines that make them unique and interesting. This show is a hit is because it gives the viewers a sense of what it would be like to be in the position of a criminal or detective. I feel like it really gives you the feel for what it would be like to commit these crimes and then have to deal with the consequences. All of this comes together to make Criminal Minds an amazing show that has been a great commercial success.

When something is extremely complicated, it is usually less interesting than something simple, but Criminal Minds proves that wrong. It uses psychological issues like delusions and extreme personality disorders to demonstrate what would cause someone to commit these horrible acts that we humans do not understand or even think about without feeling the disgust and shock towards them. This aspect is what makes Criminal Minds interesting because not only do they have the sense of mystery, but they also portray the thought process of how a person would think and feel when they did commit these crimes. This show shows people that psychologists actually do exist and have an understanding of these acts, and are able to understand their mental state as well. The realistic nature of the show portrays how people think in the present time day with all of its effects on society. I am a person who has been affected by this show because now, after they did this show with the psychological aspects, I have developed more interest in it, and so have most of the other viewers who are always left wanting more.

I feel that the formatting of the show contributed greatly to its success because of its complex storyline. Unlike all other crime shows, there is a team made up of FBI analysts who help solve the criminal cases. This puts a dynamic twist to the show that other shows do not have. These people not only have to solve the case, but they have to run into situations where something may happen to them, and they know it’s their job to maintain their composure and do what they need to do without panicking. In each episode, there are two or three crimes that occur, which allows for people to get drawn in because every time an episode comes on, you don’t know what kind of crime will be committed. The climax of every episode takes place when the case is solved. It is always a cliffhanger ending where nothing is resolved, but the audience knows what happened, and we viewers don’t want this to end. Even though there is a cliffhanger at the end of each episode in relation to the case, it never gets old or too boring, in my opinion because each time I watch it, I am intrigued by some new way that criminals are getting away with their crimes. These are just a small percentage of the things that make Criminal Minds such an effective crime drama, and I feel it is an amazing show.

In conclusion, I think that Criminal Minds is a great show for everyone to watch and be entertained by because it has an intricate plotline with interesting characters, and as the plot progresses, it leaves us with questions on how the criminal got away with what they did. The actors do such a great job at portraying their characters and making the audience feel as if they are right there in the scenario happening. With these elements, Criminal Minds is such a huge success.

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