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Tony Morrison’s Novel “Song of Solomon.”

The novel Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison was published in 1977. The novel is narrated through the point of view of Macon (Milkman) Dead, the main character in the novel. Milkman grew up with a mother and father that loved him, and he knew love. His family was wealthy, and he enjoyed his life until his father mysteriously disappeared one day. On the surface level, many readers would not think that Song of Solomon should be assigned to high school or college literature classes as it contains sexual content.

The Song of Solomon is an allegorical love poem that contains explicit sexual content. Milkman experiences his first sexual encounter with his cousin, Guitar, who is also the son of Pilate. However, Milkman learns the true meaning of love when he meets Shalimar and marries her. Some of the reasons why this novel may not be appropriate for high school students to read is because it contains sexual content. Another reason it should not be assigned to high school students is because the novel does not occur during the Holocaust. The Song of Solomon does not happen in Nazi Germany, making the book unsuitable for high school seniors and college students. ” Song of Solomon was published in 1977, shortly after Morrison’s highly acclaimed novel Sula (1973). No new poems were added to Song of Solomon; “the text is identical to that found on the first two published volumes and carries an index number of 3.”(Morrison). The inferences are clear: this is a just collection of good poetry. (Bouson, 2000)

For one thing, Morrison’s book is an epic tale of racial conflict, marriage, and family. The author presents the reader with an alternative way to think of black life.” This text provides a good starting point for discussions on race, gender, and sexuality in contemporary American society. However, it would be detrimental for students to have access to such a text without first exploring other texts with similar themes or viewpoints. The novel covers many controversial issues, such as racism, sexism, incest, and homosexuality. This is not to say that the book should be banned or no longer be part of any reading lists. However, teachers must consider carefully when and how the text might serve its purpose in the classroom. Teachers must carefully consider their curriculum when choosing a novel like Morrison’s Song of Solomon. (Bouson, 2000) The conflict surrounding the book shows no signs of abating. Indeed, people have grown rather tired of arguing over this matter.

Tony Morrison’s novel Song of Solomon demonstrates the effects of historical events and cultural practices on contemporary Black culture. Drawing on her own experiences growing up in the South, Morrison presents readers with a work of fiction that allows us to examine the effect of sexuality and racism through the female perspective. The novel begins with a tale of a young woman who is married off to a man she despises. The story then progresses into an examination of her life, though it can be said that this is only a small piece of the song of Solomon. Throughout the novel, Morrison includes many stories which serve as narrative counterpoints to her main plot line. For one thing, Morrison’s book is an epic tale of racial conflict, marriage, and family. The author presents the reader with an alternative way to think about black life.

Morrison’s book is somewhat controversial and contains some themes unsuitable for high school or college courses. The novel treats topics like incest and racism in a manner that is more suited to an adult audience. Students must first be able to handle the content of this text before teachers choose to assign it. If a reading list provides for academic literature, teachers should choose something other than Morrison’s book simply because of its controversial content or themes. The major point is that Morrison’s novel has become too difficult for young people because of its sexual and racist content. The book contains sexual scenes and racist themes that are inappropriate for younger readers. The best approach to take when choosing Morrison’s novel for a reading list is to indicate that it is more suitable for an adult audience. This would also help teachers avoid problems with parents who might object to the material in the book.

It is important to note that Morrison’s book contains some sexual and racial content, making it unsuitable for many high school or college courses. Students need to learn how to handle these issues appropriately before they can read and appreciate Morrison’s work at an academic level. The problem with the book is that teenagers need more maturity to handle this kind of content. Teachers should not assign Song of Solomon for high school or college classes. This novel is best suited for an adult audience who will be able to appreciate its more adult nature. However, some students will likely find Morrison’s book too difficult and contentious, considering their age and level of maturity. If a reading list provides academic literature, teachers should not choose Morrison’s book because of its controversial content or themes.

Parents have also expressed their disapproval over the content of Song of Solomon. There have been numerous complaints from parents about the book’s sexual innuendos and racial themes. The best approach to take when choosing Morrison’s novel for a reading list is to indicate that it is more suitable for an adult audience. This would also help teachers avoid problems with parents who might object to the material in the book. However, some parents feel that exposing their students to these kinds of work is a teacher’s job. This exposure would help students learn how to handle racial and sexual issues as they grow up.

It is written by a white male author who paints a racist and sexist world in which the protagonist is often victimizing herself with her own choices and being victimized by others. Romanticizing oppression has been taken so far that it justifies the characters’ actions in ways that do not explicitly state their reasons but allow them to explain them according to what society tells them they should desire (or fear). It’s a book that strays from the norm and focuses on topics like sex, racism, poverty, etc. The themes of this novel are very strong. It is an intimate look into the lives of a mother and her two daughters up close. The readers can see how the women respond to their circumstances: how they adjust to being single mums, how they deal with male chauvinism in their ‘world’, and what they do when they become pregnant at such a young age. (Phiri, 2017)

In addition, the book looks into the effects of racial inequality and white supremacy and how it affects people from all walks of life. It’s a story demonstrating how power and control can be used for other people’s benefit at one’s expense. It shows how our society forces people to co-dependently live with their oppression, beliefs, and sexuality while they, in turn, unconsciously accept it when they are brainwashed with propaganda and forced to believe it. This book is a great one that should be shared with all teenagers, maybe adults too, who want to know more about the lives of other women. It is a very realistic novel that stems from Morrison’s real experiences as a child growing up in the South. It is a work of fiction describing some aspects of life experienced by African-Americans.

Tony Morrison’s novel Song of Solomon should be taught outside of middle school and high school book lists. The novel covers many issues, including incest, race, marriage, and sexuality. These are relevant themes in society today but not necessarily for middle and high school students. For example, the novel contains explicit sexual content that might be too much for pre-teens to handle. I recommend that teachers seriously consider this question before assigning this book to their curriculum. Teachers should give careful consideration before choosing a text like this particular one to be assigned to their classes.

The song of Solomon should be allowed, but it should only be made available to students once they have had more exposure to texts such as this one. Song of Solomon is an excellent novel, but it does contain controversial issues such as incest and sexual content. I recommend that teachers consider this carefully before making this an alternative reading selection. This novel again highlights the difficulty of selecting titles for mainstream literature classes when viewing the more traditional themes that are often controversial and often considered aversive by some segments of our population.

However much it should not be taught in high schools or colleges, some of the themes useful to the students should be considered for inclusion in the texts. The rising generation of young American Blacks may be moving toward more acceptance and understanding of its rich heritage. Still, there is no denying that most students are not exposed to any literary works that touch on the issues of race, gender and sexuality. As such, adjusting our curriculum to the changing times would be wise. To this end, we need to make our educational system reflect the times in which we live. We can achieve this only by simplifying our methods and focusing on what matters most to our students today.


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