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Should Euthanasia Be Legal?

The legalization of euthanasia has brought a conflicting stand between the parties that differ in their opinions. The argument brought out by the different parties having their views as they try to support while others have been trying to fight its legalization, as it turns out, as being termed physician-assisted suicide. Despite the fight for the legalization of euthanasia by different countries, it has been opposed by most nations worldwide. Euthanasia has been condemned by the ethicist, theologian, jurist, and religious authorities. Euthanasia has more cons than pros; thus, euthanasia should not be legalized. Some of the disadvantages of legalizing euthanasia include: violating the right to life of an individualuncertain euthanasia process, symptoms of mental disorder, commercialization of health care, modern medicine assistance, and the elimination of the invalid.

The ban on the legalization of euthanasia has the disadvantage of some going against the right of life of the patient. According to Bada & Chaturvedi (2012), people suffering from incurable diseases will be eliminated as fast as possible from society. The option that counters this kind of inhumane act of eliminating individuals from the community is the introduction of palliative care units. Palliative care will assist in the pain and the distressing symptom that the ill undergo during the last stages of diseases. These palliative care systems will act as relief and caregivers to suffering people. Some euthanasia administrations have been administered due to family interest in relatives’ inheritance of wealth. Family members at times may also result in this euthanasia administration to have some of organ transplants. The elimination of individuals who are termed as invalid in society because of their medical condition should not be the option of ending their lives.

The contradiction on the legalization of euthanasia in countries has seen some countries legalizing it and going against the set laws and safeguard of the euthanasia programs. For example, some people are administered these lethal substances without their consent, thus leading to the death of many people. According to Pereira (2011), the Netherlands, for example, has legalized euthanasia. It has been spearheaded to administer the lethal substance for those over 70 years and who are bored of living. Its legalization has placed many people at risk, leading to the deterioration of societal values over time, which may lead to assisted suicide getting a solid base, thus people believing that they should be administered with the lethal substance at a certain age. In Switzerland, for example, euthanasia has been legalized to be performed by both physicians and non-physicians, thus putting peoples’ lives at risk of being eliminated very fast by the members who are willing to do it for their gains. Its legalization has no additional value to society.

Euthanasia is not part of modern medication, unlike how people think it is part of treatment. People have been terming euthanasia as the last palliative care treatment, which is not valid. People have the right to access pain killers, according to Boudreau & Somerville (2013). It is believed that treating patients to the end of a patient’s life is not a way of curing them. Palliative care is the primary way a person is taken care of by qualified medical practitioners and regular checkups. Euthanasia is not a type of medical treatment that may ease.

The patient’s pain. The ban of its legality is the best way to keep modern medicine as it will assist in this field of helping patients with incurable diseases such as cancer.

As much as euthanasia has its disadvantages, it also has some advantages, where the patients can avoid the caregivers’ guilt. The patients will result to euthanasia so that they cannot feel like they are becoming a burden to their loved ones, which may sometimes weaken the bonds between the patient and the caregivers. The legalization of euthanasia will therefore lead to a peaceful death. The legalization of euthanasia assists a patient in trying to have peaceful physician-assisted suicide.

In conclusion, the legalization of euthanasia should be prohibited at all costs as it violates the individual’s right who will fall, victim. The process makes it illegal to take the life of another individual regardless of the state of health, age, and many more circumstances that may risk a person being subjected to the inducement of the lethal substance.


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