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Response Essay on Digital Perception

In the article Digital Perception, Claire McIntosh from Euporia discusses the different kind of scams committed through websites dealing with online dating. The issues highlighted herein, represent the higher rates of black singles that get to use the online dating sites. The article also looks into the different scandals committed in these sites such as fake profiles, liars and financial swindlers. To add, the article features the proposed legislative action that would regulate operatives of the sites. A perfect example involves legal suits against a site such as All these revelations point to the fact that dating sites have become deceptive, and are a shadow of themselves, as far as what people expect from them is concerned (Freeman 1-1). A response to the claims, therefore, serves well to make it simpler to understand that online dating sites have become popular in the manner in which it eases socialization.

Firstly, I fully agree that regardless of the ages of the participants, they are well advertised and they end up becoming blinded by affection. Funny enough, the said affection can never qualify to stand in the place of “love”. The paper attests that such “blind love” only brews up into real scam for unsuspecting love birds. One online dating site that has gained notoriety that operates under the slogan, “more relationships and more marriages than any other site.” I openly support the author through the claims in the article in framing the site as an open platform for fraud and lies. This is due to the fact that most victims misconceive the fact that the motto is only, meant for marketing strategies and not what it portrays. In short it never guarantees a happy marriage life after “hooking” you up with a partner. What is primarily intended to be a more sure way of shaping the social lives of individuals has proved to be a security menace that constantly poses certain strange safety threats.

To add to that, I can indeed attest to the fact that most of these criminals often start with profiles of unusually attractive photos. These photos all taken in a different location that is usually remote and not easily accessible. Most attachments or places where the “scammers” have been linked to are usually military camps: for cases with men. The article even narrates of Miller, who portrays himself as a soldier based in Afghan to the unsuspecting Romano. Romano fell victim to scam with a loss of $25000 which she had sent the soldier during their 6 months short stint. The case is just one out of the many through which innocent people have fallen victim to these culprits. I also tend to agree with the author that the scammers have also encroached the Christian setting (Freeman 1-1). They have accomplished this through setting up, Christian dating sites, with the foregoing that Christians are usually vulnerable and mostly unsuspecting of such pranks aimed at them.

As she summarizes her work, the author points out certain key elements to look out to, to ascertain the scandalous sites out there. I tend to share in the notion that these sites exhibit vague communication, usually difficult to understand. Another element is the fact that their communications are usually prompt (mostly within 10-15 minutes). The responses are got whenever a participant sends a message. There are no deliberations made to know when you would next be online to start off a chat with them. The author further cautions that, sites that are quick to start off with promises of ‘goodies’ at a precise fee or price are also part of the wider scheme in scam.

Work Cited

Freeman, Belmont. “Digital Deception”. Places Journal (2013): n. pag. Web. 21 Feb. 2016 Pg. 1-1.


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