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Reflection on Technology in Education

Technology is becoming more prevalent in today’s educational landscape as teachers and learners continue to benefit from its usage in the learning process. The use of the internet in classrooms, especially in the research process, involves collaboration between the teachers and online resources facilitated by technologies (Raja & Nagasubramani, 2018). Math sectors have employed online study that provides assistance and methods for students to track their development to see their progress. Because of the ease with which educators may now acquire additional materials, monitor their students’ progress, and communicate with their students and colleagues, technology has an essential role in the Classroom (Aldridge, 2021).

For the past ten years that I have served as an educator, it’s evident that instructors’ access to materials has increased tremendously because of technological advancements. To ensure that my students are making positive progress, I introduced I-Ready as a technology tool to help them during their reading, especially in mathematics. In the beginning, the students objected, but afterward, they realized it was beneficial since it helped improve their learning skills. During my lessons, I employed translators and memory drills who helped monitor the students’ progress as they practiced how to use the I-Ready tool. This tool made it easy for students to submit their assignments while in the Classroom.

This tool made it easy to develop an email chain and a set of criteria that helped monitor the educator’s work and ensure they were doing what was expected at a particular time (Ratheeswari, 2018). It also confirmed that students created excellent relations with their peers and were able to learn from each other. It has become more common for schools to utilize online services like I-Ready to outline courses for their students. I-Ready has led to intelligent boards that help students store work for their following class. Teachers have also come up with appropriate ways such as educating their students the importance of using smart boards while in their classes. This has made it easy for institutions install the dash boards since the students embrace them (Selwyn, 2012)

According to the I-Ready requirements, educators were required to collaborate with students and colleagues (Hawkridge, 1983). Preparation time is being used more and more by instructors to assist students in getting the most out of their digital learning. Educators are expected to work together with their students to develop new skills via digital resources. I-Ready is a technology based diagnostic instruction program for reading. Therefore as an educator, I used this form of technology to solve some students issue especially in assignment submission. This form of technology has several beneficial approaches to the student, especially in their learning process. Some of these benefits include, I-Ready has made students improve in their pronunciation while in class, and lastly it has made mathematics spear simpler to students who found it difficult. After several research on the I-Ready technology tool, I understood that this tool was also helpful to a student’s academic growth.

As an educator, it is essential to pay attention to the new advances, especially if it considers technological innovation (Saxe, 2021. Comparing older students and current students, it is evident that current students have more technological advantages compared to the older students since they were not able to access technology. Current students should be familiar with technology sources such as computers, iPads, and interactive whiteboards for them to be able to access the I-Ready tool (Baker & Benge, 2021).

After doing my personal research, it is clear that technology has helped upgrade the education sector. Students have embraced the use of technology positively and this has help them improve on their personal grades. My research was based on the I-Ready technological tool since it is commonly used in schools. The tool has made education more straightforward and more interesting for students. Technology can also be used effectively to modernize the education sector. Online submission of homework, digital test papers, and computer-checked multiple-choice questions will alleviate educators’ workloads. If you are interested in using artificial intelligence in the Classroom, sharing and collecting necessary educational information is more accessible, which increases and expands your knowledge (Pruznak, 2021). For students who cannot go to an educational institution, online learning would allow them to acquire education from the comfort of their own homes and finish their selected courses by watching videos of lecture content.

Have learnt a lot in this module about I-Ready as a tool of technology and that’s why I keep expanding my knowledge on technology in the education area so that I may learn about as many methods as possible to enhance our educational institutions. Because artificial intelligence is now being utilized in practically every aspect of our lives, I would want to understand more about it. It is important to research information online and always try to keep up with technological changes as utilized in education and avoid missing any technology updates (Raja & Nagasubramani, 2018).

Some instructors are not sure whether technology in classes is appropriate since they feel that it is too much burden to the student especially those who have to deal with online bullies. Using new technology in the classroom depends on various criteria, including the cost, convenience of use, and availability of assistance to ensure adequate comprehension and correct application .These are some of the instructors’ common issues when incorporating technology and digital media into the classroom. Some students also tend to abuse technology during class time. For instance some students tend to play video games and watch movies while their lessons are in progress. Instructors find this behaviors from students being unethical although the growth of technology in the education sector will keep growing.

In conclusion, the education sector is growing rapidly since when the introduction of technology was embraced in institutions by educators and students. Education has become more personalized nowadays especially by use of I-Ready method of technology. This tool has made mathematics and music subjects appear easier than the students imagined. It is very important for schools to embrace technology because it gives students exposure that helps them improve on their mind set and thinking. I-Ready form of technology has made students to be more creative and innovative.


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