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Reflection on Improving Learning in a Classroom


Improving learning in a classroom is very important as it will allow learners to grasp everything one is teaching in a class. Lesson teachers are known to be making lessons to help their students, but they should make sure that the plan they have will improve the students’ learning experience. Therefore, there are several ways through which a lesson teacher would make better plans that will ensure improved learning in their classrooms (Tharayil et al., 2018).

Planning to improve learning

The first and the most important plan that will always help in improving learning experience in classrooms is making sure that the lesson plan made is relevant, productive and engaging. This can be achieved through different techniques. The fist technique to make the lesson plan productive and engaging is starting with the bigger picture of what the students might need and how to incorporate every aspect of the lesson. The second way is to make sure that the teacher reassesses their strategies to make sure that the strategy goes hand in hand with what is highlighted in the plan (Awidi & Paynter, 2019). The lessons plan should always be creative on the resources that will be used in classroom to help students, relating the lesson plan to real life situations will help make it engaging and lastly incorporating new things and avoiding being non-traditional will help in making the lesson plan relevant, engaging and productive.

The second plan that will always help in improving learning in a classroom is coming up with ways and methods through which the lesson teacher will solicit feedback from the students. There are scenarios when teachers can be teaching in isolation not knowing that their students are not following. In order to improve learning experience for these students is getting feedback from the same students so that they can also give inputs concerning how teaching and learning can take place in the classroom on a daily basis. One way to make sure that this becomes a reality is coming up with different methods of classroom assessment techniques (Black & Wiliam, 2018). The assessment techniques will help the teacher get feedback about how the students are getting along with the learning experience.

The third plan which can be made to improve learning experience in a class is focusing on the relevance of what is being taught and taking time to reflect and self-explain some of these issues. An engaging lesson is one where the students can easily connect what they are learning to what they already know. Therefore, the teacher should find ways through which they will make the learning experience relevant to the students so that they can easily connect. Before engaging the students in the classroom, the teacher should also reflect on their lesson and self-explain what they will be teaching (Tharayil et al., 2018). This is a strategy that will work best on students since everything is already clear to the teacher and can use different methods explaining it to make sure that students grab every concept. Connected to this is planning to different learning tools and media.


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