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Recognize the Great Jazz Innovators and Their Contributions to Jazz Music

Miles Dewey Davis.

He was an American trumpeter, bandleader, and composer. Miles played vital roles in the twentieth century in the jazz industry, where he was involved in every era of jazz music, like the bebop period to fusion. Miles was also one of the only hard bop musicians of his time. He was an incredible player with a unique sound that influenced many trumpet players who later on followed him. One of the most significant impacts that Miles was able to bring t the industry is that he could see talent in young musicians (et al., 2019). He took them and natured their talent to make them the best later on in their career. Among those who were able to benefit from Miles are Cannonball Adderly, Wayne Shorter, and Ron Carter.

Louis Daniel Armstrong.

Armstrong is an American trumpeter and vocalist who was born and raised in New Orleans. Armstrong is one of the essential jazz players globally and is recognized for bringing jazz music into the spotlight. His career spanned five decades and in different eras. Louis had an infectious personality, gravelly voice and an iconic trumpet sound that made most of his colleagues follow him due to his uniqueness. One of the essential revolutionaries that Louis was able to make was scat singing. This is a form of singing where the singer improvises melodies and rhythms using the voice as an instrument rather than a speaking medium, and through this, he was able to pave the way for musicians like Ella Fitzgerald.

Charlie Parker.

He was an American saxophonist, bandleader, and composer. He was a largely self-taught musical genius with cute self-destructive tendencies. Parker was unique at what he did, and this was because of the time he dedicated to his career. Charlie spent three to four years practicing up to fifteen hours a day to be perfect in his work. This was able to give him a large following, and people felt so proud of him. He was one of the pioneers in bebop, which is still the common language in jazz today. His style was technical, fast, brilliant and yet melodic. Many musicians of his time and even now studied him religiously and wanted to sound like him. Musicians like Sonny Stilt and Jackie Mclean created legacies on their own due to Parker’s influence (et al., 2019). Charlie turned jazz of the swinging era, more of dancing, to virtuosic music, which had a masterly ability, technique and personal style. This new type of music confused many soldiers from World War 2 because there was no dance involved.

John William Coltrane.

He was an American jazz saxophonist, bandleader, and composer born in Hamlet, North Carolina. Coltrane was vital in the jazz music industry since he could revolutionize jazz harmonically, instrumentally and rhythmically. He was able to bring about Coltrane changes, which were a harmonic progression variation using substitute chords over the standard jazz chord progression. Due to this revolution, jazz musicians today are still using these giant steps. Coltrane was able to make modern jazz popular. He was able to work with Miles Davis, who recognized his input in the industry. Jazz rhythms and harmonies have influenced modern-day music like r&b, producing a swaying rhythm (et al., 2019). People have been using its improvisational factor to express mainly how they feel. Jazz allowed women to have an outlet to express themselves. The medium of songs was able to recreate a sense of fashion and dance that changed the lives of Americans around the world, and later on, it was appreciated in Africa. Jazz never stops evolving. It encourages, celebrates, and rewards newness, personality, and meaningfulness in music today. Jazz will never lose its taste to those who appreciate good music.


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