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Proactive Form of Law Enforcement

Like many new developments in technology and society that have been witnessed, new forms of crimes never existed have emerged. These include crimes such as cyber bullying and more crimes related to them. Drug abuse in society has also increased, and these immoral activities in the community need to be addressed for society to remain upright. Therefore, the police force in society has been responsible for ensuring that these vices are brought to an end. The police can apply the proactive form of ruling to ensure that the social norms are not affected negatively. The aggressive law enforcement policy involves solving any form of crime and finding a solution for society’s fear of corruption in the community.

The proactive police agency is a system characterized by a sense of ethics by the officials. The officers must be ethical as they perform their duties. They commit themselves to society’s moral principles and values as they investigate crimes and follow the constitution and state laws to the latter. When performing their duties, the proactive officials have backup officers who are there to hold them accountable, ensuring that they do not violate the ethics of their profession (Koper et al., 2020). The officers also respect and have a beter understanding of the federal and state laws. The constitution serves as a guide to these officials.

The reactive form of policing is traditional and involves taking action when a crime has already occurred. In reactive policing, the police force responds to calls of service and reacts to incidences of crime, while in proactive policing, the police force works to prevent crimes from happening (Palmiotto, 2011). Therefore, to migrate from proactive to active, the relationship between the polce officers and the community has to be priotized first to make the task of diagnosing a crime easier. In situations where the members of the society are more close to the police force, they are likely to give any suspicious information to them so that they can take adequate measures early enough and in advance.

The proactive form of policing has faced the challenge of civil unrest in society and vast advancements in technology. Society unrest and globalization caused by technological developments are very evident in the current world. Many employees in the police force are not conversant with modern technology, which poses a significant challenge to them once a crime concerning the technology happens (Grabosky et al., 2018). They are still dwelling in the old technology, and hence they cannot give a quick response to a technological crime. Public riots and unlawful demonstrations are common in the current world, and many police forces are never adequately prepared to handle large-scale disturbances.

The proactive style of policing is beneficial to society since it assists create a stronger relationship between the community and the police officers who implement it. The policy enables the officers to establish and solve the problems that arise and have future repercussions to the community involved. The proactive form of policing targets stopping a crime before it occurs. The police force uses different strategies in their duty, involving the community to get information. When they seek information from society concerning issues affecting them to diagnose any form of criminal activity, the relationship between them increases. This helps fight any fear of insecurity and fear among the society members.


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