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Pop Music Review

The live performance was at the Royal Albert Hall by Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. Adele is one of the Pop-English musicians. Adele is among the musicians that have won many accolades in history as a pop star (Cunningham, 2022). The instruments used in this song were: drums, bass, guitar, percussion, and piano. Drums are essential as they provide melody hence making the music rhythmical. Drums are also helpful when controlling the dynamics in music. For example, choruses and verses lead your fellows in and out of the distinct section. Drums have other functions like regulating the volume of the music and making people dance. Bass helps to provide rhythmical and harmonic support to the band. Therefore, it helps create a bridge between the guitar, the drum, and the piano. At the same time, the guitar is used to provide the melody of the music since it initiates rhythm in the song. Finally, the piano is one of the critical instruments in music as it helps to provide melody, rhythm, bass, and harmony in music.

Adele was born in 1988 in London, England. She began to sing at the age of four. Her mother became a carpenter when Adele attained nine years of age. Her family then relocated to Brighton. Adele graduated from BRIT School in Arts and Technology in 2006. Four months after graduation, she published two songs on online platforms magazine (Cunningham, 2022). In 2008, Adele performed a set of acoustic that Damien Rice supported. This enabled her to become the first one to receive Brit Awards Critics’ Choice. Adele has emerged the winner of 15 Grammy accolades and 12 Brit Awards.

There is a concert that I attended at the Royal Albert Hall. The live performance involved two songs: Someone like you and Rolling in the deep. The lyrics were well articulated. The tone of the performance was well expressed based on the lyrics. The instruments were in complete harmony with the vocals produced. The concert affected me emotionally because the artist expressed her feeling precisely based on the lyrics by closing her eyes when singing, controlling the pitch of her vocals, and body movement while on stage. The performance style is rock and roll music.

My favorite during the concert is Someone like you. This is because she expressed her mood so well than the other song. The tone was so catchy. And how she controlled well the pitch of the song. However, the other song, Rolling in the deep, was my least favorite because it is not that catchy like Someone like you. Besides, the song does not capture the audience’s attention as they were also dancing.

I can tell that this is a rock song based on the following attributes: Loud music, a high-pitched voice, and a soft sound. Rock songs use guitars, drums, pianos, and bass to play pop music. Lastly, the rock songs are accompanied by twisting the jumps that stimulate the audience to move cavorted.

I enjoyed the performance as a whole. This is because the artist usually performs with emotions based on the lyrics. The melody and the rhythm of the instruments are generally well-created and in complete harmony. The tone of her songs is usually ideally generated. I also enjoy her songs since she articulates the lyrics very clearly when singing. Lastly, her movements on stage are usually done well (Wow, 2022).


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Someone like you, Rolling in the deep – Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall

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