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National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report

Since its birth in 2003, the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report has continuously provided an overview of health and health status in the United States. This has been a strong basis under which the transformation of the United States health sector has continued to increase in quality and delivery. It is important also to note that the NHQDR is entirely focused on three essential basics. These include the appearance of American healthcare, the special emphasis topics, and the quality and disparities.

The state of healthcare quality and disparities in the United States explains that there are critical details about the measure, the quality of the action, and the distinctions in the results for priority people. There are eight of the common findings that are recurring in this section. There are a lot of people below 65 years who have health insurance. However, this is determined by the social class of the people, ethnicity, and the location of the people. Low-income earners, minority groups, and people living in rural areas are not likely to have insurance coverage. The wealthier members of the community have highly increased personal spending on medical services.

It is also important to note that low-income earners have been overwhelmed by out-of-pocket healthcare spending. The main intention behind the massive investment in healthcare delivery and science has been to improve the delivery of services in this department. However, the focus shift into enhancing care for terminally ill people has led to loose ends in other departments, such as the maternity sector.

Despite the efforts by the American federal and state governments to bridge the gap between poor and good health standards, this has worked to the exact contrary. This is seen as racial, household income, ethnicity, and location disparities have increased. This leads to special treatment of the Americans and poor treatment of other races. These are the quality and differences in American Healthcare.

Two of the elements of healthcare that need improvement include the provision of care. Unfortunately, some of the marginalized ethnic groups and races are not very well included in providing medical care. This should be changed by the government focusing on tailoring specific interventions that are not biased and will be inclusive to cater to the needs of all people. Furthermore, stringent measures should require all practitioners to be responsible for their failure to attend to all. The main reason I chose this element is that the lack of inclusion in the existing health system and delivery has made many of such patients become out-of-pocket spenders on health, which is very expensive due to the high cost of treatment in these private wings. Health care should reach all people regardless of race, ethnicity, level of income, etc. We are all entitled to good healthcare.

Secondly, another element I will address that needs improvement is building integrated health delivery systems. These are systems that offer insurance services to the patients or are affiliated with other systems that do so. This will help prevent the health system from being crippled by the withdrawal of different insurance companies for the non-integrated systems. The use of integrated systems also helps ensure that the hospital can protect against the pandemic without waiting for government support. The main reason I chose this is that the implementation of integrated systems gives room for the provision cost and insurance of care to be tilted in ways that could be profitable to both the insurer and the provider. In other terms, this affiliation is critical as it reduces health costs. The opposite of this, having non-integrated systems could lead to more and more losses within the hospital changes.


(2022, October). Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.


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