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Music in My Life

Music is one of the most dominant and essential things in my life. Without melodies and harmonies, my life would be empty. Playing and listening to the country music tune helps me relax, de-stress, and motivates me to overcome trying times. Still, I love listening to music while going to school since music has been a powerful tool in helping me prepare for what awaits me through the day. Life entails a lot of things besides being sad or happy. Sometimes you feel peaceful, surprised, scared, or other billion things in life. The good thing is that there is always the right music to match every mode that we can think of. Music is a powerful tool that can help us instantly change our mood. Concretely, experiences and objects play an active role in defining the musical taste, making the feeling (Derbaix and Derbaix 6). For instance, when you feel good, there is always a song and an artist to make you feel even better.

When I was younger, I didn’t particularly appreciate listening to any music as I do now. I was mainly into the sport; therefore, I listened to any music or whatever my grandparents were listening to. I had little care for pleasant-sounding compositions. I listened to hip hop music and country music here and there, but that was all that mattered in those days. All days that I spent with my grandpa, either in the house, ranch, or car, you were sure to get some country music or some rocks to listen to. Indeed music taste is not an attribute, neither is its property, but an activity that requires you to do something so that you can listen to music, appreciate an item, or drink a glass of wine (Derbaix, and Derbaix 6). However, I didn’t have much interest at this time, but now as I am older, it is almost impossible to go a day without listening to country music which I very much adore. I enjoy country music very much as it reminds me of my childhood memories with my grandparent.

Music tastes originate are influenced, shaped, and transmitted within the nuclear family (Derbaix, and Derbaix 2). My grandparent, more so my grandpa was, is my primary influence to listening to country music. Many years ago, none of the country’s opinions existed in my mind. But looking back today feels like country music appeared in my life overnight. Seeing my grandpa play the guitar while dressed as a cowboy made me fall and love country music for life. Currently, Country music is my significant limitation in my own opinion. Out of admiration for my grandpa’s way of life, I asked him to teach me how to play the guitar. He always told me how great his father was at playing the guitar; he would sit with the guitar for hours playing different well-known songs and making his tiny tunes. This motivation made me dream of buying my guitar when I complete my education and probably composing the music I intend to perfume for my kids.

Music has immense power in my life and occupies a particular part of my heart. It’s my utmost belief that music has so much energy that influences people’s behavior in many diverse ways. To me, music, especially country music, is more than just something to play or listen to. It should be something to feel. Music has helped me get closer to my family and friends. It has also helped me get through most of my challenging moments and experiences. For instance, I remember spending almost the whole day at the gym working out, and the entire way, I was singing and listening to country music. In the future, I intend to venture into the music industry, not necessarily as a singer, but maybe as a producer, to assist artists through their recording process and, more importantly, bring their vision into a reality and manage their sounds through the music process.

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