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Marriage and Divorce

Most millennials do not marry early, and the trend has grown recently in the US. The concept of marriage has shifted as people begin to prioritize career and their education (Clyde et al., 2020). The first reason for late marriage is the societal prioritizing of education over marriage. Most people focus on attaining a bachelor’s and post-graduate degree before settling for marriage. Achieving higher education qualifications allows people to achieve economic autonomy. The second reason for late marriage is the rise of career women rather than homemakers. Most women are investing in education and career development. Women have been inspired by the rise of feminist movements such as Me Too, which encourages women to move up the career ladder and achieve financial and economic autonomy. Some feminists movements also question the patriarchal culture, encouraging women to achieve independence and avoid depending on men (Clyde et al., 2020). This anti-patriarchal culture has discouraged most women from getting married by focusing on their careers. These women consider marriage as a stumbling block to their personal growth.

The third reason I find most compelling towards later marriage in the US is the high rise of divorce cases. The United States has a high divorce rate, which causes many children to be brought up by single parents and broken families. The high divorce rate makes younger people lose their zest for marriage. Almost 50% of US marriages end in separation or divorce (Raley & Sweeney, 2020). 41% of all first marriages end in divorce. The high divorce rate makes people question the essence of family. Although family provides a platform upon which people can access love and affection, most divorces cases within the country are caused by factors that make either couple angry or unhappy. An effective marriage is based on understanding and trust; however, when the cases of infidelity rise, then there is a high possibility of broken marriages. Divorce makes people question the affection of the other, and betrayal of trust makes people more angry and unhappy. Most people commit extramarital affairs to respond to anger and resentment caused by their partners. The fear of being cheated on or having an unfaithful partner may discourage a person from getting married, making them remain single or form a single-parent family.

Besides, domestic violence cases are also on the rise in contemporary society, with women being the most affected victims. Most women seek divorce to protect themselves from abusive partners. The increase of divorce cases arising from intimate partner violence makes most women fear marriage because they consider it a place of depression. Divorce has made people’s fantasy of marriage as a place of emotional support, care, and love to fade (divorce (Raley & Sweeney, 2020). The continuous insistence on marriage as not a ‘bed of roses’ scares people from getting married. Domestic violence inflicts emotional and physical pain on a person, making them unhappy. Most broken family children may feel marriage is not a feasible option making them opt for single parenthood or single-family than live with someone who will torment them and eventually divorce. The high divorce rate reveals that people are unhappy with marriages, making younger people question the relevance of getting into the institution early. The high divorce rate has compromised people’s perception of marriage, and they consider it a problematic, hard, and challenging institution.


Providing paid maternal leave to workers is ideal for bolstering their work-life balance and motivation. The United States does not have regulations for maternity leave, leaving the discretion to individual organizations. This makes most single mothers experience economic hardship as they make their ends meet. The country should consider the Estonia model, where mothers are provided 86 weeks of paid maternity leave to allow them to take care of their children. This is because the employees will feel appreciated when they are not subjected to a situation that causes a dilemma to choose between their families and their job. The adoption and application of work-life balance in the organization increase commitment as work burnout, depression, and conflict are reduced (Schochet & Malik, 2017). Extended and sufficient maternity and paternity leave increase their financial ability to offer food and basic services to their children than struggle to meet their needs. The maternity leave portrays the humanistic picture of the organization and its management. The author rightly claims that families with two parents do not experience a greater financial burden during maternity as one supplements the other. Companies should not consider maternity as an expense rather an investment and natural activity that should be encouraged. Having extended maternity leave allows parents to bond with their children and create a conducive family environment to be more productive. Lack of maternity leave makes employees work to meet their needs without any commitment or enthusiasm.


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