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Legalization and Discrimination of Marijuana

According to Marco Leyton, Ph.D. (2016), the legalization of marijuana is the elimination of certain restrictions for cannabis use, and its decriminalization is altering cannabis use from an illegal to a civil offence. Over the past years, a debate on whether marijuana should be legalized in various countries has been a major question at hand. Most countries have done this in countless futile attempts.

Marijuana, also known as Cannabis, has numerous health benefits. Cannabis contains a substance known as cannabidiol (CBD) that is used to cure specific types of epilepsy. This syndrome has been proven difficult to treat by using other medications by scientists all over. Marijuana, therefore could be used for medical purposes. According to research, the medical use of marijuana does not affect the lungs; hence very effective. Legalizing marijuana will show the utmost love and care for the sick with the rare ailments they are struggling with. Research from the National Academies of Sciences, implied that marijuana could be an accurate treatment for chronic diseases, and during chemotherapy. In November 2000, Colorado passed an amendment to provide an affirmation for the use and possession of marijuana by its citizens with debilitating medical conditions. One would have to obtain a marijuana medical registry card to ensure the use and possession; this ensured a legal and integral way to use marijuana. Countries such as Canada, Colombia and Uruguay have also come up with various ways to ensure no bad use of Cannabis and prevent abuse. The health benefits of marijuana have been seen to be doubted by many but science has rose above all this to bring up an indication that marijuana should be legalized and brought into use by the medical specialists to come up with the needed medications for these chronic infections and other diseases that Cannabis and its contents could treat.

Marijuana is a major economic export that will boost the country’s economy. Being the world’s largest exporter of marijuana, China had marijuana having 33.3% of its dollar value for exports in 2019. This indicates that the exporting of marijuana could bring in large sales and profit. As years have gone by, there has been a large increase in the world market’s demand for Cannabis to countries that have undergone the legal process of legalizing marijuana usage for both medical and recreational purposes. In 2017, Lesotho became the first African country to legalize and decriminalize Cannabis for commercial cultivation for medical and scientific usage. Over the years, Lesotho’s economy has been seen to rise due to the exportation of Cannabis to other countries such as South Africa, just over their border with a ready local market. Legalizing the cultivation of Cannabis will hence boost the economy.

Marijuana is a form of recreation. The recreational use of marijuana has been one of the best ways that teenagers use to relax after a hard day’s work. Marijuana causes a relaxing effect on the head. Suppose we create a rule that regulates the recreational use of Cannabis. This will reduce the number of abuse cases and cases of addiction among frequent users of marijuana. The youth will tend to do this instead of indulging themselves in chaotic, vicious and criminal activities hence reducing the crime rate and improving the morality of teenagers and the youth at large. Legalizing marijuana also reduces the crime rate in that there will no longer be hiding and illegal trafficking of this weed.

In conclusion, legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana will be the best option to work on the health-related issues discussed above and become a solution for countries struggling with economic stability.


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