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Integrating Technology in Education


Without a shadow of a doubt, both classroom teaching methods and the global education industry are changing. The days of dry, uninteresting lectures in the classroom are long gone because today’s instructional tools are incredibly engaging. Today’s marketplace is flooded with tech tools for educators firmly establish the idea of classroom learning rapidly. By substituting them with digital material, educational technologies have done wonders to eliminate the tedious lectures from the classroom. They not only help students learn and retain more information, but they also make lectures in class very participatory and exciting.

Graphic Organizer

Graphic Organizer

Wondershare Filmora Tool

One of the many video editing software that is becoming more and more well-liked globally is Wondershare Filmora. Particularly for people new to utilizing video editing software, Wondershare Filmora is quite simple to use (Brown, 2022). Although Filmora is not free, it provides a free trial downloading with the same functionality as the paid version. However, the exported movie will include a large Filmora watermark. You must purchase the premium version to get rid of the watermark. For a permanent or lifetime license, Filmora charges $19.99 monthly, $49.99 annually, or $89.99 all at once. On several software vendor websites, this software is available for download. The tool is found on various search engines search as google chrome and Microsoft edge. Video editing is challenging and emotionally taxing, and it takes a lot of time to produce engaging video material for users. Therefore it might test one’s patience.


Participants uses Zapier to connect to a variety of programs and apps. With the help of the free automation tool Zapier, you may connect web applications by automatically transferring data between them. After deciding on a trigger, you can choose the applications and actions you want to take (Participate: Social Learning Platform Features, 2022). Sending customized emails to new community members, setting up paid easy accessibility and participation to your CoP, registering users to a Worksheet when they write for a program to track society enrollments, and getting a Slack notice when users adjust coursework are some examples of Zaps.


With its extensive multimedia filming and publishing options, this instructional tool intends to strengthen the idea of flipping the class. Every teacher’s action while using Tegrity’s computer is recorded and then made public for student inspection. This tool is a mobile feature; therefore, it is always cost-free (Tegrity, 2012). This software makes adding audio and visual modifications to such recordings easy. Its ability to restrict the number of pupils who can view a given video makes it a truly unique tool. Students and instructors have the freedom to access course materials and video lectures. The challenge experienced is an individual limitation from accessing the tool content, denying some learners the opportunity to access information.


The correct kind of educational atmosphere involves much more than simply imparting knowledge to the children and assisting them in understanding everything they are taught. Remind can help you with this because it requires you to communicate effectively with parents and the pupils (Brown, 2022). Use of Remind Chat to send and receive messages is free (standard text messaging fees may apply, so check with your phone carrier). It is an effective communication tool that enables teachers to quickly and easily communicate with their kids and parents using messages delivered from various devices.


If you’re a teacher looking for new ways to boost your kids’ creativity, your search will undoubtedly lead you to this particular application device, Xtranormal. The fact that Xtranormal remains free to use is fantastic (Brown, 2022). However, you must purchase points to upload your films. However, the cheapest bundle, 300 points, only costs $5, making it an unappealing deal to entertain your pals and share your sketches with the globe. It’s an accessible technology program that exposes users to a variety of capabilities that not only enable them to create short films with animated characters and add audio using its excellent text-to-speech feature.


The idea of “flipping the classroom” is unquestionably getting great reviews worldwide and is undoubtedly here to stay. One can easily benefit from this fantastic notion by using a handful of the most engaging and user-friendly teaching tools from the list above.


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