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Influence of Popular Culture on Cultural Identity

Culture changes over time due to socialization and popular culture. High culture and popular culture influence cultural identity in today’s globalized world. I am a Colombian registered nurse living in Miami, immersed in a diverse cultural landscape shaped by traditional and modern elements.

Question 1

High Culture vs. Popular Culture

High culture is a society’s refined and elite aspects, often associated with thought, art, and classical expression. Popular culture includes music, fashion, film, and television, which the majority consumes (Singh, 2022). Miami, known for its cultural diversity, has art museums, classical music concerts, and prestigious educational events. The city’s true cultural heartbeat is popular culture, where media and social interactions shape residents’ daily lives. The diverse community has embraced a unique cultural identity shaped by traditional Colombian values and popular culture.

Impact of Popular Culture on Cultural Identity

Singh (2022) notes that popular culture strongly shapes youth cultural identities. Traditional values and media globalization have changed cultural expressions in Miami, especially among youth. Popular culture influences perceptions and acceptance of new cultural norms through music, fashion, and television (Singh, 2022). As a registered nurse in a hospital, I see diverse patients. Popular culture influences healthcare practices in both the integration of technology and the community’s diverse health beliefs and practices. For instance, popular culture has made alternative medicine more accepted.

Technology’s Impact on Culture

The globalization of media has accelerated the acceptance of mass culture, creating pop culture. My Colombian and Miami experiences may shape my cultural identity, which combines traditional values and global pop culture. This could be apparent in my music, fashion, and entertainment tastes. Technology drives globalization and shapes culture. Technology facilitates global communication, interaction, and cultural exchange, but it can also have negative effects on culture (Singh, 2022). Social media and online content have helped me connect with my Colombian roots and learn about Miami culture. I use social media to keep up with Colombian cultural events and use digital healthcare technologies in my nursing practice, reflecting how technology has shaped my personal and professional life.

Question 2

Socialization and Its Concepts

Socialization is a crucial aspect of understanding and transmitting culture. Traver (2021) emphasizes that socialization is crucial for both individuals and societies. Socialization is an ongoing process that occurs across the life course, from childhood to adulthood. Anticipatory socialization, as seen in childhood play, involves acquiring cultural content for future social positions. In the case of the registered nurse pursuing a BSN in nursing, the education and training received are forms of anticipatory socialization for the future professional role. Resocialization is vital when individuals transition to new social positions, as seen in the registered nurse’s pursuit of higher education and career advancement. The process may involve a degradation ceremony, where individuals shed their old identity and adopt a new one. The nurse’s transition to a higher academic level and the associated changes in roles and responsibilities exemplify resocialization.


As a Colombian registered nurse in Miami, my perspective on culture, popular culture, and technology is nuanced. I am shaped by a dynamic mix of traditional values, high culture, and popular culture facilitated by technology. Socialization, including anticipatory, resocialization, and degradation ceremonies, highlights how complex cultural and societal expectations are. Adapting to a globalized world, people draw from diverse cultural influences to define themselves.


Singh, A. K. (2022). A Study of Popular Culture and its Impact on Youth’s Cultural Identity. The Creative Launcher7(6), 150–157.

Traver, A. (2021). Introduction to sociology textbook.


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