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Immigration Laws Should Be Stricter


Illegal immigration is a problem that has existed for a very long time in many nations, including the US. Because so many immigrants often enter the country illegally via the Pacific Ocean, the Mexican border, and other ways, this scenario is not brand-new. More people could have entered the country on a visit visa but may have lingered and worked illegally in different parts of the US. Illegal immigration is like a see-saw with two opposing sides that helps the economy because illegal immigrants are constantly paid less while producing more (Carmi & Kneebone). Benefits of immigration reform include funding for a taller border wall, an increase in deportations, and the suspension of admission for most new immigrants due to COVID-19. The number of undocumented immigrants in the nation, which in 2017 numbered approximately 10.5 million, fell under the Trump administration, according to the most recent data from the Pew Research Center. The rationale put forth by former President Trump has always been primarily economic, despite his use of a range of excuses, such as concerns about human trafficking and arbitrary population restrictions. “Our country is full,” he said in April 2019. As former President Trump frequently highlighted, the employment market is also a zero-sum game. Immigrants from Honduras and Mexico who enter American territory ultimately displace native-born workers from their jobs and lower their wages. Illegal immigrants, on the other hand, do not pay taxes to the government because they are not citizens, nor do their employers. Stricter immigration laws have several advantages. This study examined the justifications for more stringent immigration policies by evaluating immigrants’ contributions to the US.


Immigrants should not be treated differently simply because they entered the country illegally. So, it has been promoted to discriminate against these people at work. Former US President Donald Trump has proposed building a perimeter wall along the US-Mexico border. Immigrants can help local manufacturing in countries like the US since they frequently have talents in one or more fields. However, many companies assert that by paying these workers less, they can minimize their manufacturing expenses, which in turn helps the local population by lowering the cost of goods and services. Also, these immigrants will send money from the US to their various families, increasing the value of the dollar and stimulating the US economy.

The main point

Children born to minorities and the problem of immigrant communities are the leading causes of population expansion in the United States. In this circumstance, we do not need to take any action. However, there is work stratification, primarily based on educational background, where people who lack communication skills in white-collar employment are more likely to be hired for complex tasks in the manufacturing, service, and agricultural sectors. Immigrants have been known to always accept these chances as a way to have a foot in the US doors, especially when the occupations pay less and do not require the ability to communicate. The native Americans do not consider that they can start with low-paying, menial jobs to help them get their foot in the door. They take their potential earnings into account (Hussain, 2017). If you are in the country unlawfully, it follows that you have an unfair advantage over Americans.

Most Americans and the American government have realized how detrimental illegal immigration is to the country and how it needs to be halted entirely. IRCA (The Immigration Reform and Control Act) is a statute that governs corporate strategies and orientations in the US. An employer won’t hire a worker who will soon quit. IRCA will penalize managers who demand back pay for reasons connected to firm separation. This will stop the precious resources from being used up and avert a decline in the American economy. Texas and California are home to the vast bulk of illegal immigrants, with approximately 10 million workers without children. The majority of these cross the border with Mexico. These people work primarily in manufacturing, construction, and agriculture and are paid less. These immigrants often arrive in the US without any identification or authorization; as a result, it is unknown where they are from, putting them susceptible to diseases like polio and tuberculosis. As a result, it is conceivable for these diseases to spread throughout the local populace. For instance, the American government would be compiling information on Mexicans if they entered the nation legally.


Numerous immigrants think they are the victims of workplace discrimination, which takes place in several contexts and organizations. immigrants feel they have been subjected to prejudice due to their sexual orientation (McCarthy, 2020). This led to a new decree in 1972 that required women to be included in the protected class and whose usage should be fulfilled by establishing various goals and deadlines. The 1964 civil rights statute protects employees at work, regardless of their immigration status. IRCA overruled that and determined not to classify an illegal immigrant as an employee. As a result, all allegations of prejudice are now promptly looked into.


Both Americans and immigrants benefit from immigration reforms. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed access initially since they cause the country significant problems. Complete security is challenging to accomplish. Hence appropriate measures should be taken to limit illegal immigration, such as changing the country’s immigration laws. With the money they frequently send to their families back home, these people can pay their taxes to the US. Although being in the country illegally, they will spend their earnings, stimulating the economy. Hence, illegal immigration can be defeated if the government takes firm action to stop this threat (McCarthy, 2021). Several of these necessary acts can be carried out by the president personally, even without enacting legislation. Some of these actions need finance, and others could require the political will that President Donald Trump displayed by building the perimeter wall. As if that was not enough, the current laws should be repealed.

When employers recruit immigrants, workers find themselves in legal hot water since immigrants are compelled by law to remain in the US for a specific amount of time. Some government officials still decide whether to report the employees to the police or bar them from working. Another effective strategy for curbing illegal immigration is interdiction. In Mexico, because the geography funnels traffic towards numerous border locations, more than 95% of immigrants come from. Here is where San Diego’s busiest crossing is. Thus, rather than constructing a border wall, the US government should concentrate on enhancing interdiction efforts and boosting illegal traffic ways. Physical barriers like fences, lights, and anti-automobile barriers may be installed in high-traffic areas. Even with adopting legislation, they can erect these facilities and increase border patrol law enforcement in the problem areas.


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