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How To Ruin Everything Essays by George Watsky

How To Ruin Everything refers to a collection of essays whose author is George Watsky, who is also a musician and an artist. He has explained how he managed to conquer the little humiliations, as I can refer to him as a person with the capability to attack or attract the reader’s attention through his poet who is at heart. The author also states the need to accept defeat in life and how important it is to facilitate human progress in life without any hindrances. In his writings on How to run everything, he explains his life experiences and encounters remarkably, stating how he ended up in smuggling and being one of the international smugglers (Watsky). In addition, he elaborates on the incidences and the journey of battling to dominate in his middle school rap, together with his personal experiences with epilepsy. This confidence and attitude have made him learn and broaden his scope of life, with outcomes being his earning many hearts on YouTube who have subscribed to his excellent work.

The characteristics of being flexible and emotionally deep have made him a writer with a promising future in building his career and scaling to greater heights in life. The ability of the writer to depict various incidences of his life and the overall journey to his career progress show an individual who is determined in his work, and his extravagant writings winnings the heart of many people and a motivation to never give up. His revelations on the worse experiences of his life with some ruining moments show that sometimes they tend to give the best in life through his spoken word’s poetry. In his encounter and experience with epilepsy, he puts together the history of its treatment and diagnosis and refers to it as the most serious.

It’s evident from How to Ruin Everything by Watsky that his theme in writings is through the description of his life experiences which are challenging and remorseful, the idea of never giving up in life and trusting yourself at all levels in life. It acts as a vital pillar toward individuals or any person’s success, indicating that the journey is not smooth and full of horrifying incidences, the outcome is more beneficial and worth the struggles undertaken. The efforts of life to fit in the society and have a sense of belonging and purposeful identity in the poetry and music world, he strives to get consistent work leading him to the task of smuggling tusks at the border(Watsky). The job is a high risk, but the author had no option but to involve himself in the illegal business regardless of the consequences one faces when caught and subject to the law. This shows how far the storms of life can make someone involved in risky activities which can ruin their whole life upon being revealed.

However, the experiences in his life, despite their horrible nature, act as the base or background attributes to his poetry and musical work since they mainly involve his personal experiences in life at firsthand. This idea of him creating poetry from his personal life indicates how the author is good at relating to the reality or facts in life without having to make any assumptions. The explanation of his childhood and recent touching encounters juxtaposes how they work out (Watsky). They range from the stories of his struggles being a vegetarian while performing slam poetry on college campuses, his relationships, and his travel stories. All this plays a vital role in making the book outstanding and exciting to a reader with the personal information explanations depicting the authenticity of the text, making it confide with the reader in a way that it seems they were friends from the olden days, thus cultivating their continued attention to read more as it’s honest and lovable to the reader.

The Tusk is outstanding, my favorite in its coverage of the incidence where the author has involved the smuggling of tusks with his friends, which was a narwhal tusk over the Canadian border into the United States with the primary goal of giving it to an older woman at the age of 200yeras as a gift. This incident evidently shows how far one can go if only you are focused and hardworking since it was a challenging task to move with the Tusk through the border with its prohibitions (Watsky). This feels like one having a direct conversation with the author through his writings since it’s speaking about his encounter in life. Determination makes one get the best they desire in life. At the same time, despite the challenges they will face, never be out until their mission is accomplished. There is a clear relationship between success and the efforts to reach it.

The author’s ability to express his writing in a way that good writing would involve has made the reader, when reading the story, move with the mood and the emotions in the text. This engaging ability has been made through his funny and genuine personal experiences; for example, during his affair with epilepsy, he applies a lie that he is in love with entitled “What Year Is It?” whereby he elaborates on his scathing experience with epilepsy (Watsky). This engages the reader with its feelings being developed in the reader’s mind and might display empathy sometimes. The whole tragic events and experiences are somehow molding his career in music and poetry.

In conclusion, the organization, entertaining, hilarious, and surprising creativity in writing, and the whole work coordination of the author’s work in delivering his message to the reader and relating it to his personal life are outstanding. The significant relationship between their life experiences and their contribution to his works have made him produce recommendable poetry and music career, thus shaping his future into becoming the best he admired. The horrific circumstances show us how life has both devastating sides, which might even kill one’s dream and goal in life, but resilience and hard work without quitting will result in success. Struggles and success are two terms that are intertwined in the story. However, the author’s optimism makes him attain and soar to greater heights in his career even when things don’t go as planned and seemed to result in the worse. The relational concept is evident in the different parts of the writer’s text and depicts things relating to the reality of life.

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Watsky, George. How to Ruin Everything: Essays. Penguin, 2016.


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