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Global Issues and Education


Various factors such as racism and divorce hinder students from attaining academic dreams, such as pursuing a higher education degree. Demeaning opinions of Latin students by the whites using bigotry words and xenophobic words make the Latins students feel that the higher education dream is arcane (Prigogine, n.d). Where there are no challenges to prevent negative opinions in the early stages, they continue to increase strength even during adolescence. The treatment that students of color receive ends up questioning who is responsible for addressing the concern since even teachers turn a blind year considering they have the responsibility of educating white children to be agencies of equity and justice. The continued unfair treatment makes students meditate on the insidious acts of racism that prevail as part of the pervasive culture. This paper, therefore, focuses on global issues in education.

Global Issues in Education

There is a profound combination between racism and politics, such that it is hard to recognize by the non -victimized individuals (Prigogine, n.d). Furthermore, factors such as poverty, mentors, love, and racism influence students’ lives and, therefore, their personal development. Students’ unfavoring conditions drive their will in seeking knowledge to address the negative hegemon power of racism and discrimination. It motivates to address the issue of racism and bigotry from the point of view where victim narrates their feeling.

In addition, language is magic that forms the bridge between the known and the unknown. Naming is a part that gives meaning to the life of human beings. It indicates that human beings can name everything close to them. The challenge emerges when there is no language to name acts such as violence and terrifying, which leaves individuals speechless. Practical naming opens opportunities to different opportunities other than violence. Some individuals, however, have no interest in exploring the unknown or dark sides of their lives; therefore, there is no acknowledgment of the marginal parts of people of the community. The reason behind this is that most people are scared of the unknown.

It requires experimentation, perseverance, and exploration to develop the spirit of scientists and mystics who try to walk to the edges and acknowledge the nameless since people can include children. It requires working in groups to discover the unknown. Students need to develop curiosity and courage to face the unknown by writing it down. Daily conversations and media help determine the mystery by co-revealing the invisible. Together with examining texts helps in building magic bridges.

Thurston (2017) indicates the need for a self-directed program supported by the community to focus learners towards improving the inner teacher, building transformation by inviting each participant to design their education towards the aspiring vision. It shocks and discourages that a lot of energy, resources, and time of the society is put in vain as learners do not understand the reason for schooling. Learners do not understand the importance of multi-year experience in school. In addition, teachers, students, administrators, faculty teachers, and the belief the school culture is toxic and soul-crushing. Parents are also aware that schooling institutions are exhausting their children’s creativity and exploration interests.

The mission to make children understand the reason for schooling is critical in establishing Webb and Bradley’s Open Master’s Program (Thurston, 2017). The program is a pathway to creating independent degrees and organizing students into groups, ensuring that they help each other in the journey. It initializes by taking an evolutionary pause in analyzing the inner self and wisdom to understand what one aspires going forward. Facilitation of the process is by Wayfinder Kit in stimulating reflection. The kit is artistic, and it inspires experience of authentic learning like questing spiritually. It emphasizes honoring and deeply inquires about the culture that, on most occasions, is ignored. The program has not only been of help to the community but also students, parents focusing on homeschooling and non-schooling, church groups, teachers, counselors, individuals in the middle of transiting in a career, and groups consisting of partners and friends carving out space for their growth. It helps them adapt to the new context that serves many people, including the marginalized communities relying on their inventiveness. Even though the kit faces resistance as individuals perceive it as counteracting to the culture, most of the users appreciate its importance in the end.

The program’s power is from movements that are people-powered reactions due to the failure of institutions, encouraging the marginalized individuals in the society by enabling their voices to be heard in the face of exclusion, oppression, and scarcity. Incomplete serving of people in institutions and the motive in healing the heart of our democracy attracts programs such as the Open Master’s Program. The journey is vital in listening to the voice from within; therefore, trustworthy guide than institutions and doctrines. Inner voice helps one understand their actual values and challenges them to live up to them. It is also crucial to share the unique experiences that make life meaningful.

Educating the new generation in living and leading a life with integrity guided by the life-giving core of the human requires a combination of inner self-inquiry and soulful society. In addition, raising different leaders requires analysis and building the inner self of the new generation. It also incorporates motivating them in rational reasoning of their hearts and bodies. In addition, guiding them in trusting their wisdom and the creativity sense they have helps them to build their trustworthiness. Community is vital in making individuals courageous to follow the leadings of the soul. Therefore, the new generation should be open to learning and collaborating with others with different ideas and a distinct sense of thinking. They should also have a daring spirit in exploring and attempting unvalued difficult or even heretical questions. To come up with soulful leaders in the community, we need to sow in the community for people who listen to the community.


Globally various issues in education affect students in their learning. Racism discourages most students from pursuing their academic goals significantly higher education. Divorce, poverty, and discrimination also negatively impact education. It requires working as a team to identify the unknown parts of each person. It requires a self-directed program in the community to help learners design their education towards a direction they aspire.


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