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Girl Before a Mirror Vs. Starry Night

My Selection and Impression of Two Pieces of Art

In this essay, I will discuss my observations while analyzing two pieces of artwork: “Vincent Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night” and “Girl Before a Mirror Painting” by Pablo Picasso. I will look at the compositional and stylistic aspects of each piece that caught my attention, talk about its impact on me, and look at the environment in which I discovered them and how it affected my view. Ultimately, I want to show how these two pieces of art influenced my learning and how they will influence how I think about visual art going forward.

Stary Night
(White, 2021)
Girl Before a Miror
(Pablo Picasso | Girl before Mirror (1972) | Artsy, 2016)

What Aspects of Composition and Style Attracted Me?

Picasso employed a blend of geometric and biomorphic shapes to express the Girl’s figure in his painting “Girl before a Mirror,” which I felt to be fascinating in terms of composition and style. This intrigued me since it questioned how the human body has always been portrayed. Picasso also drew a scenario that featured an intriguing interaction between the three-dimensional space and the two-dimensional panel; this gave the artwork a level of intricacy I had never seen before.

The picture Starry Night, by Vincent Van Gogh, also had several other features that drew me in. I found it artistically attractive how he painted the stars in the night sky with big, dramatic brushstrokes of color. In order to give the painting an exhilarating sensation of movement, Van Gogh also utilized an innovative use of warm and cool hues. His vivid color choices and inventive depiction of the night sky were alluring and lovely.

What I Learned from Studying Them

I was able to develop a greater grasp of the creation of visual images via the study of these two works of art. For instance, the Girl before the Mirror painting taught me the value of structuring a composition with balance. The interactions between the shapes, colors, and volumes in this painting contributed to its beautiful composition. The Starry Night painting also taught me the value of texture, color, and contrast in a masterfully designed painting.

My understanding of the different compositional and stylistic components, including line, shape, color, texture, and contrast, has improved due to my research of these two works of art. Although I was already familiar with these aspects, studying the works of Picasso and Van Gogh helped me to better comprehend how to employ them to produce an engaging, visually beautiful painting.

How It Met My Expectations

Before starting this research, I had ideas about what I hoped to learn from studying these two works of art. I anticipated learning more about the compositional and stylistic components and expanding my knowledge of the various ways visual art may be used to express ideas or feelings.

I’m happy to report that my goals for this study endeavor were achieved. My study of the works of Picasso and Van Gogh helped me to understand how visual art can add significance and feeling to a painting. I also learned the value of composing an artwork with a feeling of harmony and balance and the influence of color, texture, and contrast.

Relating the Works to My WorldView

I could find hints of my experience and worldview in both works of art. For instance, Picasso’s “Girl Before a Mirror Painting” spoke to me because I, too, have struggled to feel a part of something in a world full of laws and beliefs that seem to be arbitrary. I can relate to Van Gogh’s passion for the night sky and its beauty. Therefore his painting Starry Night called to me.

These pieces helped me better understand the various kinds of art, especially visual art. I went into this project believing that all types of art were the same, but I’ve since learned that there are many distinct kinds of art and that each may have a special and deep impact on the audience.

How My Learning Will Affect My View of Visual Art in the Future

I now have a newfound appreciation for visual art as a result of studying these two works of art. I was able to get insight into the different compositional and stylistic components that can be employed to produce a successful and compelling artwork through the analysis of the works of Picasso and Van Gogh. In addition, I now appreciate the significance of structuring a unified and balanced composition.

Future-wise, this newly discovered respect for visual art will help me see the beauty in art that I had previously missed. Additionally, this knowledge and expertise will help me when I’m doing my artwork since I’ll know better how to combine various parts to get something that looks good.


In conclusion, studying the artwork of Picasso and Van Gogh has helped me better grasp the different compositional and stylistic components employed to produce an artistically beautiful piece of art. My encounter with these pieces has also given me a fresh respect and regard for visual art and its ability to give a painting meaning and emotion. Lastly, this information has helped me understand the significance of producing a harmonious and balanced composition, which will surely serve as a guide for me going forward as I create my works of art.


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