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Essay on Latin Music

One of my favorite music has been Latin music. Despite the fact I do not understand latin language, their music carries me along, and re-energizes me back to work. In most cases, their music has special features that make it unique and attractive. Apart from using varied instruments, they use tonal variations that make the song memorable. This assignment discusses one music from YouTube whose links are attached. The song’s producer is Aguacero and the song title is ‘EI Gran Combo.’ The track plays for 8 minutes and 10 seconds. It plays with an F key and a minor mode.

The song caught my attention from the way the singers mixed the instruments. Their instruments included the trumpet, the trombone, and an alto sax, tenor sax, piano and bass. There were alternating sounds that blended well with the song. Another aspect that made me like the song is the attire. The men dressed in costumes that blended well with the decoration lights in the hall. The dim light with varied colors causes a relaxing atmosphere that leaves the viewer with an urge to watch again and again. According to Sologub (p. 132-148), the dim lights creates a pleasant scenery on stage, and such a scene gives the audience a proper mood.

I was keen to note minor details in the song. First, some singers had clean shaved heads that shone like mirrors while others had some hair with a bald at the front part. The artist uses this aspect to make the dance more interesting. The men arrange themselves alternating the shiny heads with those with hair. Such an arrangement makes the presentation catchy towards the viewer. I learned that music is not all about sounds. There are many aspects that come together to make a song lively and attractive to the audience.

It is worth noting that the song has high energy and is much danceable. My close examination of the dance made me conclude the type of music to be salsa sheet music. I could conclude this from the way the singers danced and held hands, but it tactfully allows sufficient time for instrumentals to play a greater role. There is dance to a very small extent. The guys could dance together the salsa way. At one point, they hold hands and at another instant, they rotate like lovers do in a Salsa dance. Ideally, the men are not uniform in dancing. One would wonder whether they did not train well or what reason could have caused the mismatches. I noticed that while dancing, their body parts did not move in unison. One lifted the hands while the others used different signs. Maybe it was their unique way of doing it.

Music plays a big role in our lives. The artist in this music intended to drive home the idea of love. He wanted excite the audience and allow it to see how the instrumentals could carry a greater meaning than words in the song. He uses many instruments but blends them in a way that no confusion arises.

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