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Essay on Halloween


Halloween is one of the most renowned holidays in America. It is celebrated by people of different ages and backgrounds and has enhanced the spirit of celebration and togetherness among the people. The holiday is celebrated every year on the 31st of October. The holiday was founded from the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, in which people would wear costumes to wade off the ghosts who were believed to roam the earth on this day and light bonfires (Surucu-Balci & Berberoglu, 2022). On this particular day, the Celts dressed in different gowns and costumes that were believed to conceal them from the ghosts and spirits in the real world. In contemporary society, Halloween still holds a central position in the United States as populations celebrate dressing up as their favorite characters from diverse backgrounds and having fun with friends and families. Therefore, diverse Halloween traditions have been developed across the United States of America to ark Halloween holiday. Thus, this brief analysis of Halloween’s emic and etic perspective enhances the understanding of this appreciated holiday across the United States of America.

An emic perspective of Halloween.

As one of the most anticipated holidays in America, Halloween offers different experiences and feelings to populations of different backgrounds and ages. Halloween offers many in society a chance to experience themselves the best way they want to and enjoy themselves with friends and relatives. For many adults, it represents a time to mingle with friends and have a day to enjoy their experiences. For the vast American children’s populations, it is a time to trick and treat, which offers them a chance to enjoy the vast amounts of candy they get from their neighbors and friends, having dressed up in their favorite costumes and gowns (Alhabash et al., 2021). People place a lot of effort into the holiday in that some even use a significant amount of money and resources to realize their perfect costumes, themes, and other central aspects for a holiday. Therefore, Halloween is a critical period for the American populations who value and treasure this holiday. Therefore, from the insiders’ or emic perspective of the holiday, it is one of the most central holidays in America and significantly appreciated by the vast American population who value its significance.

The etic perspective of Halloween.

Halloween is indeed a holiday of enjoyment for all populations despite the activities each family or individual chooses to undertake at this time. However, the dangers that align with the holiday are undeniably intense, especially in modern society, where technology and crime have increased tremendously among the population. As depicted in Scott Poole’s article about Halloween, the author depicts it as one of the most dangerous holidays, not only enhanced by the distractions of the population but also by the increased subjection of populations to crimes and criminal activities (Poole, 2019). Real fear is prevalent in society and among the populations as the holiday subjects populations to tremendous danger. For instance, teenagers and young adults hold extensive parties in which substances such as drugs and alcohol are prevalent, endangering these populations to overdoses. The war on Halloween has intensified, especially for the Christians who associate the holiday with satanic worship.


Halloween is a beloved holiday in America, and it allowed the vast American population to realize opportunities for happiness of the vast American opportunities. The holiday provides the population with a chance to dress and realize interactions with other populations and backgrounds (Zhang & Jacobsen, 2021). Although modernization has changed the concept of Halloween and allowed the integration of new strategies to ensure the safety and security of the children and ensure that all ages are accommodated into the holiday’s festivities, Halloween has indeed remained one of the most appreciated and awaited holidays in the United States.


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