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Essay on Citizenship

Citizenship is a fundamental aspect of the universe since it allows citizens to enjoy unlimited benefits and rights per specific country regulations and laws. In simple words, citizenship allows individuals to have legal belonging to their country of residence. An individual obtains citizenship by abiding by a country’s legal requirement whereby they enjoy specific rights and, in return, obey the laws and prevent their country from enemies. However, the rights and benefits granted to citizens are not constant in all countries; they vary depending on the constitution. This paper focuses on American citizenship, which allows citizens benefits and privileges from the American government( Smith, 2022). Citizens are allowed the right and freedom to various aspects such as work, travel, government jobs, expression, and the right to vote. The citizen also has duties which include paying taxes, census, military participation, and jury duty(Roosevelt, 2018 ). Individuals obtain American citizenship by being born in the territory or by parents with American citizenship and through successful application of immigrant citizenship. America also allows dual citizenship if individuals abide by the regulations, and immigrants can lose their citizenship under certain conflicting situations. Having understood the concept of citizenship, current news on Venezuelan migrants to were researched on fox news, CNN, and us news &world report. The following is an analysis of the Venezuelan news event and how it relates to citizenship.

According to CNN news on Tue, October 11, 2022, the united states president Biden administration explained that they are working to ensure the proper migration of Venezuelans. This was due to increased illegal migrations at the Mexico border, whereby most of the population was Venezuelans. According to CNN, the president wants to allow a more civilized migration through the right transport channels and allow the migrants to enjoy some of the government’s privileges. On other news on fox news, Venezuelan migrants were astonished to discover that they would be returned to Mexico according to the new policy by United States president Biden. According to Griff Jenkins, a reporter at fox news, the Venezuelans were not aware of the security policy, and they pleaded to be allowed to stay because they were desperately in need of basic needs such as food and protection. The new law allowed legal immigration with proper security and health screening, those who will cross illegally will be returned and denied future privileges to migrate to America ( Alejandra Mayorkas, us homeland security secretary). According to us news and world report, Joe Biden had previously picked his vice president Harris to lead the white house in border response by finding reasons why illegal immigration was on the rise and finding ways to deal with it without hurting anyone. The border issues were starting to interfere with normalcy and hinder the president’s bind from improving life’s of American citizens.

These illegal migration activities are directly or indirectly related to citizenship in various aspects. As explained previously, citizenship allows individuals to enjoy the rights and benefits of a country. Therefore uncontrolled immigration may be a great obstacle to that. First, when individuals storm into a country without the right process, they give criminals a chance to find their ways, increasing insecurity in the country through human trafficking, theft, drug smuggling, and sexual assaults. Also, when individuals migrate illegally, they are not entitled to employment and may end up in illegal business. This threatens the resident’s protection, which they are entitled to by their government, in this case, the American government, interfering with citizenship.

In addition, illegal migration is a threat to a country’s existing economic and social balance, and this is because of the increased unplanned population which needs to be fed and enjoy basic needs. This brings a backlog in the economy due to increased demand for food and water denying the rightful citizens enjoyment. The increased population also burdens social privileges such as health and other public services due to the extra pressure. These activities worsen the conducive conditions of a country by denying its citizens privileges and rights to economic and social growth, security, and protection which they are entitled to by citizenship.

In conclusion, citizenship can only be enjoyed if it’s legal; obtaining it unlawfully can cause serious consequences for the individuals involved. A country’s role is to prevent citizens from harm and ensure that the balance is maintained through the right action against enemies. Good governance is a key to good citizenship and ensures or prevents social, economic, political, and religious conflicts in the country caused by internal or external forces. Legal citizenship prevents individuals from future calamities to wild populations and an increase in people who are not skilled.


Roosevelt, T. (2018). The Duties of American Citizenship. Charles River Editors.

Smith, R. M. (2022). American Citizenship and the Constitution. Citizenship and Civic Leadership in America, 99.


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