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Case Study: Computer Science – Game Design

A video game can be highly beneficial and therapeutic to a child’s development if a common-sense philosophy is employed. As opposed to other forms of entertainment, in a video game, you participate in the story as it unfolds, providing a more thrilling experience. Due to the desire and fascination of human beings to improve their way of life, video games have gone through different phases of creation. Before a video game is created, you need to have characters, storyline, method to win or lose the game, audio of the character and a map.

I would love to become a game modeller as a game design enthusiast. A game modeller is a person who uses computer software to create in-game assets into 2D or 3D models, bringing personality and objects into real existence (Bryan w, 2020). A game modeller has various roles in carrying out like creating a three-dimensional figure of all assets corresponding with the technical limitations of the game engine, applying texture to all graphical elements, adding lighting and shading effect on all components, making sure there is consistency in colour concentration and lighting level (Yurekli, 20220).

The game design industry offers various positions that a game lover can choose a career either in technical or business to venture into. On top of the technical career is a game designer. The game designer comes up with the concept, storyline, character and then guild them through the production phase to eventually become the game. Software developers build a set of instructions that makes the video game function the way game designers anticipated (Rosenberg, 2019). A computer programmer builds code that converts the designs into instructions that the video game system can read. An audio engineer builds a soundtrack that one hears when playing video games by giving voice to the character, background music and sound effect. The video game tester ensures that the game function properly and identify any problem. By doing this, they provide quality assurance for the company that produces the game. The interpreter converts character dialogue to other languages while the translator changes instruction and other documentation to other languages enabling the company to market the game on the international market (Rosenberg, 2019).

A career on the business side includes a sales representative who sells the game to wholesale or retail shops on behalf of the company. Marketing managers develop a strategy for selling their products to the consumer. Producers oversee the human resource and maintain production within the allocated time and budget (Rosenberg, 2019). To be successful in the game design industry, one needs to have certain skills like a good knowledge of the gaming industry in terms of how games work and current trends, must be creative in designing the world of the game, and ability to focus on the bigger picture while dealing with the daily production issues that arise and technical knowledge of understanding how system and software works.

The Roblox accelerator is a proficient development package that offers developers a chance to work with Roblox producers to create and release an original game. The program only goes on for 12 weeks and currently uses only two accelerators, HenryDev and Wrathsong (2blox2quit, 2018).

To get where you want to be, you need to work out of your comfort zone by working on smaller or multiple projects to display your extensive range. The competitive environment in the game design industry will put you on the toe, motivating you to create innovative work. A game designer also needs to work well with others, effectively communicate with people involved, be open to constructive critics, and work hard. Be creative and inspired to produce unique work.


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