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Border Security and Immigration


Protecting our borders has evolved into an essential part of overall national security. Border security is crucial to preventing the illegal entry of terrorists and the smuggling of biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons. Many individuals entered the United States illegally yearly when the borders were less strict. They come from all over the globe by various modes of transportation like land, air, and sea. Most illegal immigrants are searching for work, a higher standard of living, or a way out of their oppressive native country. The federal government spends billions annually on border security, legal immigration, and travel, but the management and implementation of these initiatives need improvement. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) is primarily responsible for carrying out the federal government’s responsibility to safeguard U.S. borders and enforce immigration regulations. Both divisions should do a better job of overseeing these processes. In this paper, I will discuss several reasons why the United States of America has difficulty ensuring security within its borders and the best programs to achieve this.

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While we welcome all lawful passengers and trade, CBP’s first mission is to prevent terrorists and their weaponry from entering the United States. Officers and agents of CBP enforce all relevant U.S. laws, including those related to illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and illegal imports. Every day, CBP uses its team of specially trained law enforcement officers to arrest over a thousand people on suspicion of breaking U.S. law.

Reasons Why the U.S. is having a Difficult Time Securing the Borders

Firstly, illegal immigrants use a variety of gaps in the northern and southern borders to enter and leave the country every day. The boundary between them stretches over 7,000 kilometers. Protecting such a large territory against illegal immigrants entering the United States is a massive undertaking that requires the cooperation of several government agencies.

Secondly, lacking enough funding compromises border security. Due to this, the capacity to secure the border with the available resources and technology is low. Despite their best efforts, the women and men of the Border Patrol, ICE, and other public agencies cannot adequately monitor the United States at approximately 7,000 miles of the border (McEntire, 2018). Still, another issue is that many individuals are eager to sneak over the border illegally. The U.S. Border Patrol detained over 415,000 unlawful border crossers last year. Only those apprehended were counted. Far more than ten times as many crossed the border illegally.

The Programs Working Best

One program that is working relatively well is the use of drones. The U.S. Border Patrol has a fleet of drones to patrol the US-Mexico border. The drones have sensors that can detect people crossing the border illegally. They track the movements of people who have crossed the border illegally.

Another program that works well is the use of technology. The U.S. Border Patrol uses various techniques to secure the border, including sensors, cameras, and infrared imaging (Garrett, 2018). It effectively detects and deters people from crossing the border illegally. The role that information technology plays is crucial when it comes to protecting the country from potential threats and cyberattacks. For instance, improved methods of detecting threats, exchanging information, and securing internal defenses have all been made possible by technological progress in information technology.

The U.S. also works with the Mexican government to secure the border (Gaines, 2019). The Mexican government has increased its border security in recent years, which has helped reduce the number of people crossing illegally. Trump declared a state of emergency to free up funds for the border wall and sent hundreds of active-duty military men and the National Guard to the border with Mexico to assist beef up security.

President Biden has rolled back some of Trump’s immigration measures and is working on revamping the border security system in response to an increase in the number of people trying to enter the country illegally across the southern border.

The U.S. is also working to improve border security through diplomacy. The U.S. has negotiated agreements with several countries, including Mexico and Canada, allowing for sharing of information and resources to better secure the border. Diplomacy helps most individuals improve their critical thinking, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and global competency.

In conclusion, the United States has trouble keeping its borders secure for several reasons. Drones and technology are helping to secure the border, and the U.S. is also working with the Mexican government to improve border security. Despite these efforts, the U.S. still has a long way to go in securing our borders. However, these programs are making a difference and helping make the border more secure.


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