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Betty Hart Cancel Culture

Canceling the cancel culture is a talk delivered by betty hart. Betty Hart’s aim as a performer, director, facilitator, and woman of religion is to create a safe space for people to engage in difficult conversations with one another and themselves. In these discussions, she draws on her theater experience to concentrate on the individual’s identity, the community’s goals, and how we could change our long-held habits to achieve better success. The video about cancelling cancel culture by betty hart is available on TEDx talks youtube page. In this video, the speaker, An actress who is well-known for her role in the film, spoke at TED in December 2020 on cancel culture. On the contrary, she hopes to persuade her audience that the phrase “cancel culture” refers to more than just celebrities who have been chastised for making insensitive remarks or degrading others because they are gay. When confronted with opposing viewpoints and those they consider being mistaken, individuals are sometimes prepared to condemn and exclude them. To live harmoniously with others, people are encouraged to accept and embrace those who hold various points of view. Betty adds compassion to the table, a valuable asset (Tedx talks, 2020).

The speaker did well in articulating her views on the topic’s contents. First, Hart addresses cancelled culture and how she came to have such a tight bond with her father. They had a good friendship and were close to one another. However, the discovery that they had ideological disputes higher than their tolerance level thwarted their intentions. Their love was ruined, and as a result, they lost ten years of their lives. She offers contemporary examples of famous people of renown who have fallen from grace due to their public remarks and choices of sides or phrases that were unpopular with the general public. This is a circumstance that is all too common, considering the number of high-profile public leaders who have fallen out of favor with the public due to utterances that the latter regarded morally abhorrent or conflicting with their convictions. She further gives a different side of the divide by encouraging compassion, terming it loving people unconditionally by containing the different beliefs. It is also crucial to understand and tolerate people’s opinions. She, however, does not give an extent to which people can be tolerated. Cases o violence in relationships should not be tolerated as they are more detrimental and sensitive (Tedx talks, 2020).

Heat utilizes emotions and relations with the current audience. She recalls the days when she differed from her father. By utilizing emotion, the audience can have an imagination of the speaker’s feelings, enhancing persuasion and accep0tance of the concept presented. Further, she presents the topic at a strategic time when there were controversies on the stand of Donald trump on racism and war. To better her delivery, she should have given other examples to support her topic, besides her own experiences (Tedx talks, 2020).

To conclude, the delivery of the content on canceling cancel culture was effective as she used examples and devices which resonated with her audience. These enhance delivery and understanding. The examples and rhetoric devices came in handy, and the audience must have been swayed into the other different narratives (Tedx talks, 2020).


TEDx talks, 2020. Canceling cancel culture with compassion.

Available at: <> [Accessed 18 March 2022].


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